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So I checked out the Cindy Sherman Exhibit yesterday at the MoMa and I found myself pleasantly surprised by the work of Cindy Sherman. Her art work is based around these theories of contemporary modern art involving an alternate identity or representing another being. Modern Art Museums and New York’s art society crave that kind of thing, thats why she has been so widely successful. I Particularly appreciate the her work for its ability to capture characters in still frame the way a motion picture does over the length of its running time. I am a filmmaker so I enjoy the idea of recreating the human experience into a tangible character for everyone to see. Cindy Sherman has been her own photographer and her own subject matter at the same time for 30 years now. In her Self portrait she dresses to meat these fictional characters she creates and capture that individual in a moment of time in photograph. Taking on another persona is something that everyone enjoys, we all have a favorite movie character don’t we? And her ability to create such a breadth of characters and have it still be interesting every time. This is not the first time I was assigned to analyze Cindy Shermans work I did a lot of photogrophy in high school and we learn a lot by her example. I also noticed a bunch of young people at the exhibition, which was kind of cool because most of the other times i’ve gone the MoMa its been primarily an older crowd, ugh. I think my favorite body of work that she’s done is the Untitled Film Stills.  Its impressive because she creates all these characters that would seem to be living in the 1970’s all by taking pictures of herself dressed up as such. Its fascinating to me on a large scale.

Living in a media driven world we are constantly being bombarded by media stimuli daily. Each market is carefully targeted to buy, sell, and consume an endless stream of products. Typography sells more than people think, and goes grossly unnoticed by the general public. Death by typography is a fantastic example of a graphic translation depicting a pistol. The composition, and manipulation of the letters to forming a gun is genius. The goal of the image is to tell a story and translate a message through form and contour. I love the typeface because the letters are designed in such a way that they fit together so well sitting next to each-other that its just a pleasing image to look at, hence its effectiveness. Its a successful for the same reason too, design is a very important thing in tacking down a demographic. Different typefaces cater too different ages, races, and genders and a successful one can cater to more than one. Personally I really like Helvetica, and Georgia, one is a great example of a typeface with serifs and the other without. Helvetica is a smooth clean type and Georgia flows together. This translation really works for me, and defines good typography. It is examples like this that I gained inspiration for the tattoo on my right forearm; it almost becomes more personal and intimate solely because of the structure of the letters. The science and mathematics behind designing and creating a typeface fascinates me, because nothing is done by accident, everything is done on purpose, too pull the body of txt together in a seamless art.

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 As a young artist of 20 It is important for my mind to remain unclouded and open to new perspectives, theories, and methods, yet stay focused on a the path that these various inspirations lead you on.  Through my ideas and concepts I wish to portray work that people feel they can relate too, while leaving a comfortable sense of ambiguity for the viewer.  Through film I want to portray my experiences and angle on life.  Drawing on inspiration from independent film and modernism I try to model my concepts from my interpretation of these styles. As a motivation I look at shared human experience because I believe that it ties into and can speak for almost every aspect of our lives. I want to take this impalpable idea and make it a visually communicated message. Shared experience can range anywhere from sharing a crowded subway car for a few stops, or spending your life with someone, it does not matter how brief or long, the simple act of sharing a space or a conversation influences the decisions we make. The concepts and theories behind existentialism also come into play with this way of thinking.  Existentialism backs the idea that one decision leads to another and because we made that decision a path is created for us as a result. These sort of real life instances are what I want people to find in my work.  I would like to delve further into these interests and see where it takes